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Author: Ariel Sammy

The best camping near Canberra and its surrounds

Canberra is a popular place to visit for its city delights — but do you know about its wild side? We reveal the best campsites near Canberra to explore.

The best camping spots in Tasmania

Immerse yourself in Tasmania’s incredible wilderness at these six top camping spots. Tip? You’ll want to pack your hiking boots—there are hiking trails galore.

Which Countries Require Six Months of Passport Validity?

Information correct as of July 2018, obtained from Please check the latest guidance at Smart Traveller before booking a trip. Imagine if you purchased…

Experience Japan: Your Complete Travel Guide to Hokkaido

Things to Know About Hokkaido Major Airports New Chitose Airport Hakodate AirportAsahikawa Airport Main JR Station Sapporo station Fun Fact Hokkaido is the birthplace of…

Splurget Travel: What it is and how to do it

To scrimp or to splurge… why not do both? Hybrid holidays – careful budgeting with a side of indulgence – is an emerging trend, especially with young Aussies. Skyscanner Australia takes a look at ‘splurget’ travelling and how you can wrangle a champagne-style vacation on a BYO budget.

10 Must-Have Travel Apps To Download In 2018

No one needs a smartphone full of gimmicky games on a long-haul flight. What you need are tools to pass the time – so Skyscanner Australia has rounded up the top 10 in-flight apps for iPhones and Androids. Don’t worry about wifi, just be sure to have your charger!

How To Save Money On Your New Zealand Ski Holiday – Book Early!

What is it about ski season in New Zealand? Is it the magnificent mountain panoramas? The expansive ski resorts and treeless runs? Is it Fergburger? Well… there’s only one way to find out!

7 Ways to Make Economy Feel Like First Class

Not everyone can wrangle the cost of a first class airline ticket, but that doesn’t mean your only other option is suffering through a long haul economy flight. Get high maintenance with your air travel— for a fraction of the price. From take-off to touch down, these are Skyscanner Australia’s 7 tips for flying like you’re first class.

How Far In Advance to Book Cheap Domestic and International Flights?

Are you missing out on cheap travel deals by booking at the wrong time? Get the best price on domestic and international flights with Skyscanner Australia. We reveal 2018’s Best Time to Book, along with a new and improved planning tool that’ll show you the best destinations and times to buy airline tickets.