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Cheap flights with Tigerair


Are you in a tight budget and are looking for affordable travel options around Australia and the surrounding countries? Tigerair is one of the leading budget carriers, offering low cost travel options and excellent customer service. Aside from its airline in Australia, Tigerair also has two other airlines, Tigerair Singapore and Tigerair Mandala. All of these three airlines reach out to more than 50 destinations across 14 countries in Asia and Australia. Currently, Tigerair’s fleet comprises of 48 Airbus A320-family aircraft, 12 of them belonging to Tigerair Australia.


Tigerair is committed to offer you various choices from a wide range of destinations and cheap travel options. They are also known to maintain the highest standards of safety, security, and reliability.


Some of the most popular Tigerair destinations across Australia and Asia include:


●     Australia

o      New South Wales

o      Queensland

o      Tasmania

o      Western Australia

o      Northern Territory

o      South Australia

o      Victoria

●     Bangladesh

o      Dhaka

●     Cambodia

o      Phnom Penh

●     China

o      Guangzhou

o      Hong Kong

o      Shenzhen

o      Haikou

o      Macau

●     India

o      Bangalore

o      Hyderabad

o      Thiruvananthapuram

o      Chennai

o      Kochi

o      Tiruchirapalli

●     Indonesia

o      Bali

o      Jakarta

o      Padang

o      Yogyakarta

o      Bandung

o      Medan

o      Surabaya

●     Malaysia

o      Kuala Lumpur

o      Kuching

o      Penang

●     Maldives

o      Male

●     Myanmar

o      Yangon

●     Philippines

o      Cebu

o      Manila

o      Kalibo (Boracay)

●     Singapore

●     Taiwan

o      Taipei

●     Thailand

o      Bangkok

o      Krabi

o      Hat Yai

o      Phuket

●     Vietnam

o      Hanoi

o      Ho Chi Minh City


Tigerair also makes sure that your whole travel, from booking to accommodation and tours, is well taken care of. Aside from offering affordable flights, holiday deals, and special deals, they are also partnered with hotels, car hires, travel insurance companies, and vacation rentals to offer you the best choices that will be suitable for you and your group. Tigerair flights is available in all Australia domestic airports